Poll: Trump's approval rating at 52%, highest since 2017

Poll finds Trump's approval rating is highest it has been in two years, following his successful State of the Union address.

Guy Cohen,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The rate of public satisfaction with the performance of US President Donald Trump is 52%, according to a poll Monday by Rasmussen Reports.

This is the highest level of support the president seen in for 23 months. In March, 2017 - shortly after being sworn in as President - Trump garnered 55% approval. The poll was conducted among those who are expected to vote in the presidential elections.

About 47% of the respondents expressed a negative view of the president's performance. There seems to be a connection between the high score and Trump’s successful State of the Union address last week.

Trump's latest moves over security on the US southern border temporarily damaged his popularity. Trump ordered a partial shutdown of the administration to pressure his rivals in the Democratic Party to agree to a budget for the construction of a wall along the border with Mexico. The shutdown continued for 35 days.

According to the Rasmussen Poll, on December 22, the day the shutdown began, the rate of support for Trump was 46%. By January 14, it had dropped to 43% but, as noted, has been rising sharply since the State of the Union address.

Other recent polls did not give Trump as high a rating, with Rasmussen the only poll showing a number higher than 50% and other polls from early February giving Trump a rating in the high 30s or 40s . However, the other poll taken after the State of the Union address, by Hill/HarrisX, shows Trump’s approval at 47%, up from 44% in late January, indicating a general rise in Trump’s approval rating nevertheless.