Elections Committee Chairman fears 'foreign influences'

Central Elections Committee Chairman in meeting with electronic media heads addresses challenges, threats to integrity of election campaign.

Mordechai Sones,

Hanan Meltzer
Hanan Meltzer
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Central Elections Committee Chairman and Supreme Court Deputy Chief Justice Hanan Meltzer held a meeting today with the heads of the electronic media.

The meeting was convened to discuss limitations imposed by the Campaign Methods clause in the Election Law on electronic broadcasting during the 60 days preceding Election Day.

During the meeting, Justice Meltzer also addressed challenges facing the committee in organizing the election campaign: "There's a fear of foreign influences, the impact of social networks and surveys." In this context, the judge asked the media to "ignore anonymous items".

In response to a question about whether he met with the Shin Bet head, Meltzer replied, "We're preparing. We met and will meet with everyone necessary in the national cyber network, and they're also open to you." Judge Meltzer refused to comment on whether they had already identified foreign intervention in the election campaign.

Judge Meltzer said at the meeting, "One of the reasons for the decision not to switch to computerized voting is because of the fear of foreign influences."