Can a delegation visit to Israel be a 'game-changer?'

Israel UN Ambassador says UN tours of Israel are a fruitful enterprise. "We are building bridges, and you can see the results."

Yoni Kempinski ,

Danon and the UN ambassadors
Danon and the UN ambassadors

Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon spoke Monday with Arutz Sheva, as he hosted a delegation of UN ambassadors from other countries.

Danon noted that, while the past few days of the trip focused on challenges that Israel faces, “Today we speak about opportunities, about what Israel can offer those countries.”

He answered in the affirmative that UN tours of Israel like the one currently underway were “game-changers” in helping to combat anti-Israel bias at the UN.

“We are building bridges, and you can see the results,” he said, noting that a recent UN resolution condemning Hamas he promoted along with US Ambassador Nikki Haley garnered the support of 87 member states, with only 57 votes against.

Danon emphasized that bridge-building was not a matter of one, isolated action but “a long-term plan, and I think we can see the results already today.”

Asked what he planned to do following his tenure as UN ambassador and if that plan involved politics, Danon responded that he would “continue to do good for the people, continue to serve our nation, and I am sure that with the connections I have today around the world, I will be able to support Israel in whatever position I will be.”