IDF tells judge family of Barkan terrorist may flee the law

Hearing at IDF military court over continous detention of family of Barkan terrorist.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

An Arab prisoner faces military court (illustrative)
An Arab prisoner faces military court (illustrative)
IDF Spokesperson

A hearing was held on Thursday at the IDF's military court in Ofer Prison regarding the ongoing detention of the family of Ashraf Na'alwa, who is responsible for the Barkan shooting attack in October.

The family has been held ever since the attack amid suspicions that they knew about the planned shooting yet failed to prevent it. During the hearing on Thursday, the IDF told the judge that the ongoing detention is necessary due to fears that they will escape justice if they are released on bail.

According to the IDF prosecutor, Na'alwe told his mother that he was planning on committing a terror attack within the near future. Yet instead of informing the Palestinian Authority, she told her son to prepare for the expected search of their house by the IDF.

In addition, the prosecution accused Na'alwe's father of deleting closed-circuit video footage as to not help the IDF track down his son.

Rafi Levengrond, the father of Barkan attack victim Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel, pleaded with the judge not to release the family, something he said would allow them to flee and not face justice for their actions.

"I am here in the military court, this is the mother and brother of the terrorist who murdered my daughter Kim," he said. "According to what I have heard, these are two people who are not fit for freedom, and certainly should not be released until before the trial."