Elections 2019: Partnerships also in media

Israel Hayom, i24NEWS announce collaboration including programs in English and French; Hebrew program presented by journalists from both.

Mordechai Sones,


Cooperation between two media outlets to cover the elections: Israel Hayom and the international news channel i24NEWS will review the 2019 elections together.

The collaboration between the two media outlets will feature two special half-hour broadcasts in English and French each week, alongside a third show that will be translated to Hebrew and available on Israel Hayom's website at the end of the live broadcast.

The shows will be led by journalists from both i24NEWS and Israel Hayom and will analyze the milestones of the Israeli election campaign and interview key players, including party leaders and top candidates.

"Collaboration between media outlets is very common in the world and I am pleased that the 2019 Israeli elections has allowed us to do the same. As an international news channel broadcasting from the heart of the Middle East, this collaboration allows us to dive deeper inside the Israeli elections and to give our viewers around the world a full picture on the Israeli political system," i24NEWS CEO Frank Melloul said of the partnership.

"This cooperation between i24NEWS and Israel Hayom is natural and good for us. It’s a connection of two worlds that will add value to the Israeli media and to the electoral system in particular," Boaz Bismuth, Israel Hayom's editor-in-chief said.