Decision on Netanyahu's investigations - before the election

A-G's associates believe he is leaning towards publicizing his decisions about Netanyahu's cases before the elections.

Ben Ariel,

Avichai Mandelblit
Avichai Mandelblit
Flash 90

Sources close to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit still believe, even after Mandelblit’s meeting Monday with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s lawyers, that the decision on an indictment subject to a hearing against Netanyahu can be made even before the elections, Channel 13 News reported.

Earlier, the prime minister's lawyers issued a statement after their meeting with the Attorney General.

Attorneys Navot Tel Tzur, Amit Hadad and Tal Shapira said that "the prime minister's team of lawyers arrived today for a meeting with the Attorney General, accompanied by two retired senior judges, Justice Oded Mudrik and Justice Sefi Alon."

"We will not discuss the contents of the meeting, but will say we are working to ensure a fair game for the prime minister, who is facing elections. In addition, a letter signed by retired Supreme Court Justice Jacob Turkel, who also supports our position, was presented to the Attorney General," the lawyers said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Justice stated that "the meeting of the Attorney General and the State Attorney with the defense team of the Prime Minister concluded. In it, they presented in detail their arguments regarding the date of publication of the Attorney General's decision in the investigations regarding the Prime Minister."

"The arguments were heard attentively, and all things will be considered. The Attorney General will formulate his position in the coming days and it will be delivered to the defense attorneys as soon as possible," the ministry’s statement said.