Hermon ski resort to reopen tomorrow

Ski resort closed today in light of tensions in the north, to reopen tomorrow.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

No visitors to the Hermon today
No visitors to the Hermon today
Hermon ski resort

The Hermon ski resort will open tomorrow for visitors and skiers after receiving approval from the IDF, the site's management said in a statement.

The site was closed today to visitors in the light of tension in the north, after the attack on Iranian targets overnight in Syrian territory.

"The weather is perfect, the snow is plentiful, and the mood is good, and the public is invited to strengthen the Hermon, the Golan and the Galilee with its presence. We're back to normal!" the management stated.

Israeli fighter planes hit a number of Iranian positions in Syria, the IDF said Monday morning, in response to the launching of a surface-to-surface rocket that was carried out on Sunday by Iranian Quds forces operating in Syrian territory.

The targets of the predawn Israeli strikes Monday morning included Iranian weapons depots, an Iranian intelligence site, and a military training camp used by Iranian forces in Syria. The Israeli strikes also targeted multiple Syrian surface-to-air missile batteries.