'Gantz hesitated and did not defeat Hamas'

HaYamin HeHadash criticizes former Chief of Staff who published a series of videos boasting of his military achievements.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Hadas Parush/Flash 90

The HaYamin HeHadash (New Right) party, headed by Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennett, on Sunday criticized former Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, now the head of the Hosen Yisrael (Israel Resilience) party, who published a series of videos in which Gantz boasts of the achievements of the 2014 counterterrorism Operation Protective Edge.

"Benny Gantz launched a campaign today boasting about his 'successes' in Operation Protective Edge. Since we are dealing with the future of Israel's defense leadership, we must present the truth," said the New Right.

"Benny Gantz fell asleep standing up in dealing with the terror tunnels from Gaza, which almost led to a terrible terror disaster. We went to destroy the tunnels during Operation Protective Edge not because of Benny Gantz, but despite Benny Gantz. The State Comptroller's report determined that Bennett had pushed for action; Benny Gantz blocked such action.”

"As the State Comptroller's report stated, Chief of Staff Benny Gantz fell asleep standing up and allowed Hamas to dig about 30 terrorist tunnels from Gaza into the territory of the State of Israel. He did not initiate anything, did not push for a solution. Just fell asleep on duty. For 50 days he hesitated, showed no initiative, showed no creativity, and failed to defeat Hamas," added the New Right.

The statement came after the Israel Resilience party distributed a series of videos under the title "Only the Strongest Win," in which Gantz boasts of eliminating Hamas Chief of Staff Ahmed Jabari and 1,364 terrorists during Operation Protective Edge, as well as destroying 6,231 targets.

In addition, a video was distributed in which Gantz calls for a peace agreement, saying, “I am not prepared for a generation to live here without hope."

Watch Gantz’s video on Operation Protective Edge (in Hebrew):

Watch Gantz’s statement on peace (in Hebrew):