'Jewish law will enrich all judgments and legislation'

Justice Minister outlines steps she has taken to incorporate Jewish law into modern Israeli law.

Eliran Aharon,

Flash 90

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (New Right) spoke Wednesday at the 28th World Conference on Civil Law and Jewish Law in Jerusalem, addressing her achievements in the field as a justice minister.

"This year, the [law] was amended so that in the case of a ‘lacuna’, we should turn not only to the principles of 'Jewish heritage' but also to those of 'Jewish law' ['Mishpat Ivri']. After years of ambiguity, a necessary clarification was inserted here that makes an important statement,” she said.

"Turning to Jewish law, apart from being fitting, is also rewarding. It will enrich every judgment and piece of legislation and, in general, will enrich all of us. Out of this way of thinking, I acted in different ways to imbue it in all spheres of activity: We appointed, first of all, an adviser for Jewish law in the Supreme Court.

“We also decided to encourage the integration of Jewish law by distributing new, first-of-their-kind support criteria to the civil courts according to this law. In the legislative channels, the instructions of the legal adviser are that in every relevant government memorandum, the position of Jewish law will be brought.”