OJ Simpson lawyer accuses Jews of 'totalitarian behavior'

F. Lee Bailey says 'people who claimed persecution during World War 2' persecuting him for defending O.J. Simpson.

Gary Willig ,

OJ Simpson during criminal trial
OJ Simpson during criminal trial

F. Lee Bailey, one of the lawyers who served on O.J. Simpson's "dream team," blamed Jews for the negative press surrounding his client.

In an interview for the 'Morano Whenever' podcast, Bailey stated that "some of the people who claim that most of their lives they’ve been subjected to horrible kinds of prejudice and extermination during World War II are now behaving in exactly the same totalitarian spirit by suppressing the one thing this country has to be proud of when all is said and done, and that’s an unfettered free press.”

He said that his defense of Simpson led to his ostracization in Hollywood and legal problems with the US government.

“I’m satisfied that it was the bedrock reason that the federal government went after my [law] license,” he said. “I was in litigation with the IRS in one case for 26 ¹/₂ years.”

Bailey was disbarred in 2001 after he refused to turn over to the federal government assets belonging to a client who had agreed to submit the assets to the government. He declared bankruptcy in 2017.