Will a Druze man run with the Jewish Home?

Eyal Asad to compete for spot on Jewish Home list for the next Knesset.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Eyal Asad
Eyal Asad
Yair Dan

Eyal Asad, chairman of the Druze Forum of the Jewish Home party, is planning to compete for a spot on the party’s list for the next Knesset, which will be determined in elections that will be held within the Jewish Home Central Committee.

"In both Druze and Jewish tradition, it is clear to everyone that one does not leave his home," Asad wrote in a letter to Central Committee members. "The values of religious Zionism and the unity that has formed between us are a guiding light in our eyes.”

"We will continue to open the ranks of the Jewish Home, together with the MKs, and especially with the rooted public that is connected to the land as we are connected to it, a public that values ​​the tradition of its forefathers as we value it," he added.

Asad noted that the percentage of enlistment to the IDF is among the highest in the country in both the Druze community as well as the religious Zionist community. "In both sectors, the challenge of normalizing construction is mutual, and therefore MK Motti Yogev established, at my request, the lobby for promoting construction in the Druze sector.”

"I know the value of the members of the Jewish Home and I trust them that they will know how to advance the party to the front and lead the State of Israel forward as our predecessors have done in the last 70 years. There are crises and we will overcome them together and prove our contribution to the state and to Israeli society as a whole,” wrote Asad.

"I intend to ask for the trust of the members of the Central Committee for my candidacy on the party's list for the 21st Knesset and to prove that the historic partnership of the descendants of Yitro and the Jewish people will last forever."