We could see the cancer growing from his ribs

Aharon was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer, on his fifth birthday. His family needs help to keep him alive.

L. Berman, | updated: 23:17

Avramsky Family
Avramsky Family
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Aharon Avramsky has been home from school for the entire year. He’s well behaved, comes from a loving family, and generally gets good marks. So why is Aharon confined to his house?

A little less than a year ago Aharon began to complain of pain in his chest. The doctors brushed off his complaints and sent him and his parents home with some paracetamol for the pain.

Yet, over a month later, when Aharon was still in pain Chaya and Shmuel Avramsky were shocked to find a growth protruding from his ribs. On Aharon’s fifth birthday the family received a dreaded diagnosis: Ewing’s sarcoma, an aggressive cancer that puts their son’s life in grave danger.

A dizzying array of treatments is now a part of their life: chemotherapy, surgery and daily radiation are the only way to save Aharon’s life. Now, his immune system is compromised and Aharon is unable to attend school like other children his age.

Chaya Avramsky has been forced to leave her job to take care of her son during the treatment period, and the family barely gets by on Shmuel’s salary even though he works full time. The three older children, Faige, Nachman and Natan, are being neglected: another side effect of the life-destroying cancer.

The family’s savings are depleted, and they are quickly running out of money to keep Aharon alive. An emergency fund has been set up to save Aharon’s life. The precious five-year-old “little tzaddik” is too young to suffer so much.