Judge throws out Jewish terror suspect's confession

Court rules that confession given by youth suspected in attempted arson attack on Jerusalem church is inadmissible.

Yoni Kempinski,

The court hearing monday
The court hearing monday
Yoni Kempinski

Justice Michal Brent of the Central District Court has disqualified all the confessions of a minor accused of membership in a Jewish terror infrastructure, an arson attack on the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem in 2015, and other offenses.

“The confessions are not acceptable, there are disqualifying flaws in the confession,” the judge argued in her decision.

“The confession given during the ‘dubbing trick’ must be disqualified. During the interrogation, the suspect was in control [of his faculties], but it is questionable whether we may accept the confession, in light of the string of events.”

The suspect’s confessions were given to agents posing as inmates, in what has been called the ‘dubbing trick’. Citing the sequence of events and the behavior of the "inmates", the court said the defendant's rights were violated.