'With the right approach one can touch the heart of every youth'

A couple of teachers discuss how to have proper access to youth and how education can also affect the future of the entire region.

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Youth Leaders
Youth Leaders
Bnei Akiva

Menachem and Leah Gottesman’s passion is the Jerusalem high school Meled where they transform the lives of youths- and their families – via Menachem’s (PhD Ed) groundbreaking educational work.

They talk with Eve Harrow about the importance of recognizing the individual’s potential, informal education, unconditional love, non judgement and teachers as mentors.

No kid wants to fail, but without warm environments in school and the home that build self worth, dignity and respect many teens become ‘at risk’ and lose their way. Faith is themselves can be a precursor to faith in Hashem, too.

Eve wonders if this system can be applied to the Muslim schools or if there are too many cultural and religious pressures to make a real change.