Is Trump in bed with Erdogan?

The neglect of the hungry and homeless.

Walter Bingham,

Trump and Erdogan
Trump and Erdogan

To Celebrate: The Festive season, and by popular request, most of today's program is easy listening music of days gone by. I think you will enjoy this. But first some comments on the week that was.

The big: News of the week - Netanyahu opts to dissolve the Knesset - Israel will go to a general election on April 9th 2019 and all pending legislation goes on hold. The country stops for months and the media has a ball.

What Is: In Trump's mind? Will he or won't he release his 'Deal of the Century' before the election? Hear the pros and cons.

A Step: Too far. The withdrawal of US troops from northeast Syria abandons the area to the mercy of Erdogan of Turkey, who gets carte blanche to deal with the Kurds as he pleases. It also affects the security of Israel. To fulfill election promises is refreshing and honorable, but is this the right time?

An Interesting Duel: It seems that Trump has met his match. Is Erdogan the better deal maker? We await the result of Erdogan's invitation for Trump to visit Ankara.

Satisfying: The World's Christian conscience by feeding the hungry and housing the homeless for less than a week before abandoning them to their fate.

Now: If you are over 40, these tunes will evoke memories - and if you are younger it will be a glimpse into the music of yesteryear. You will notice that in those days one could actually understand the words.