43 months in prison for Israeli Arab who joined ISIS

Nidal Salah had famously used a hang glider to fly from Israel to Syria in order to join his fellow jihadists.

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Syria jihadist
Syria jihadist

The Central District Court sentenced 26 year-old Nidal Salah from the Israeli-Arab city of Jaljulia to 43 months in prison for joining ISIS.

Salah was convicted of a slew of offenses including contact with a foreign agent, illegal egress, membership in a terrorist organization and handing over information to the enemy.

Salah had famously flown into Syria from Israel's Golan Heights by way of a hang glider back in 2015, dodging Syrian anti-aircraft fire to land safely.

After joining ISIS, Salah was arrested by the terror group, who brutally tortured him to get him to reveal information about Israel. Salah tried repeatedly to escape but was caught after every attempt.

After a few months, Salah was permitted to join ISIS and took part in various military operations. Salah was also assigned to ISIS' production and development wing, where he worked to manufacture a steering system for armed drones.

Salah was captured by Syrian forces and was put in captivity. He escaped in May 2018 and flew back to Israel, where he was arrested at Ben Gurion Airport.

The prosecution said that Salah's sentence would have been harsher had he hot expressed remorse for his actions, adding that the judge took into account the torture he underwent in Syria by both ISIS and the Assad regime.