IDF Comptroller: The ground forces are prepared for war

After examination by three committees, the IDF is convinced of its readiness for war and is committed to narrowing existing gaps.

Kobi Finkler,

Warehouse of the IDF's Fire Formation
Warehouse of the IDF's Fire Formation
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

מבקר צה"ל: כוחות היבשה ערוכים למלחמה

IDF Comptroller Brig. Gen. Ilan Harari categorically rejects the claims of the IDF Ombudsman Maj.-Gen. (res.) Yitzhak Brick that the IDF is not ready for war.

A new report published by Harari determines, after extensive tests, that the ground forces are prepared for war and that there is a significant improvement in the IDF's preparedness for a future war.

A senior military official in the IDF Ground Forces adds to the Comptroller's resolute remarks and says there is a big gap between what Brick wrote in his report and what was examined in the field.

"The argument between Major General Brick and the Harari Committee is between Brick’s feelings and an empirical investigation by Harari," a senior officer explained. "There is a gap between Brick’s report and reality. There is a way to present the gaps, but publishing a report to the public is not the way. It was possible to present things in a different way that would not harm the IDF and the public's trust.”

Following Brick's serious claims, 102 standing and reserve soldiers worked day and night in divisions, bases and emergency warehouses, refuted the conclusions reached by Brick and found that the IDF was ready for war.

"We found 41 gaps and made 41 recommendations in order to improve them," says Brig. Gen. Ilan Harari and explains, "There are definitely gaps in some issues: There is a gap in the digital land army and its implementation, mainly in reserve units. There is also a gap between trucks and heavy equipment, but it will not harm preparedness. There is a significant gap in the allocation of resources for training, and it currently stands at 70-80%. There are gaps in preservation of the resistors, optics, etc., but none of this prevents victory and the determination that there is improvement, mainly thanks to the multiyear Gideon Plan, which places readiness before the military buildup.”

Warehouse of the IDF's Fire Formation. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

A member of the Brick committee, former Central Command chief Avi Mizrahi, said that "every year we have to add about 2 billion shekels to the ground forces in the next multiyear plan and also in the plan that will follow that one. You cannot decide a war only with cyber or intelligence. A war such as the one that might be forced on us in Lebanon cannot end without a ground maneuver. There is a smugness that if there are many iron domes and they neutralize most of the threat, there is no need to maneuver.”

"I state that without land maneuvering and quickly, a war will not be decided, and this is true for every arena. In order for us to maneuver, we prepared and will continue to prepare the ground force, and that costs money," Mizrahi says, adding that the army is prepared for war. "The commanders are expressing confidence in the mission. This is what I met on the ground and it shows that we are ready."

Three committees operated separately to check the readiness of the IDF, and seven inspection teams examined, through 220 meetings, everything that could be relevant. The first committee is a Knesset subcommittee headed by MK Omer Bar-Lev (Zionist Union), which determined that the army is ready for war and there is no basis to Brick’s claims.

The second committee was that of IDF Comptroller Ilan Harari and the third was that of Major General Avi Mizrahi. All of them wrote a final report, the bottom line of which says that despite the gaps, the IDF is ready for war.

Yitzhak Brick
Photo: Flash 90