You joined the haredi family in the IDF

IDF haredi administration head in special column for recruits to haredi Chitzim paratroopers and Tomer Brigade.

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Lt. Col. Telem Hazan ,

Lt. Col. Telem Hazan and soldiers
Lt. Col. Telem Hazan and soldiers
IDF Spokesman

Dear recruits,

I've been in the army for 22 years, during which I transferred through many positions until my current position as haredi military administration head, but to this day I remember my induction day as if it happened yesterday.

I remember the feelings - expectations and fears about entering such a significant time in the lives of each of the recruits - surrounding army service, and I cannot help but get excited again when we accompany you on your induction day.

On this day, you're going to get into big shoes. In addition to the military shoes that you will lace for the first time, you will enter one large system that bears the IDF's name, whose mission is to preserve the security of the State of Israel and to fulfill any mission for this purpose.

Just as this goal is so lofty, so it is your responsibility to grow in order to sustain it - you must strive for excellence, to give all of yourselves to serve in the best possible role. On the day of your induction, you joined the haredi family in the IDF, a unique service that writes contemporary history into the chronicles of the Jewish People.

The importance of haredi IDF service cannot be described even in words - in combat, in intelligence, in technology, and in many other fields that haredi soldiers lead today - a tremendous contribution to the State of Israel.

We are here for you - the haredi soldiers in the IDF before, during, and after your military service so that you can perform your military service in the most experiential and meaningful way. I wish you a very powerful, enriching, and unique service accompanied by a sense of mission you are fulfilling - go by this strength and save Israel!

Head of the haredi military administration,
Lt. Col. Telem Hazan