There is no protected space

Womb no longer most protected place for baby. When one baby was murdered in womb of his people, and buried four days after entering world.

Tzofiah Laks ,

אין מרחב מוגן
אין מרחב מוגן
איור: אור רייכרט

The womb. The first place in the order of safety in the world. From a female and medical perspective, the womb is the best place for our child before he enters this crazy world.

I remember pregnancies when I would sit with my hand on my stomach, happy to know that my child is getting everything he needs. This week the theory was shattered.

The womb is not a protected place; in fact, no place is protected anymore. And there are no rules and no age for terror victims.

I think of poetry, a young bride, the first pregnancy, the optimism of life. I don't know if there are any words to express this horror.

From the moment of standing for a hitchhike, a couple chatting, relaxed and then suddenly terrified, a burst of gunfire; blackness, pain, and everything out of control. That's it; she doesn't have the ability to defend the most innocent, the most obscure, the purest thing. The sense of loss together with the lack of control is one of the things that broke me in this story of the baby who, before he was born, learned what a Jew is and before he was circumcised became a victim.

And we? Where are we in this story? Marching like sheep waiting for a shepherd to restore and protect him.

We forgot how to be lions; we forgot our identity.

The cry in the depths of my stomach refuses to come out. I'm still afraid of the words I might let out.

Right now I'm just thinking about my children. Those I cannot protect.

Those who haven't been in the womb since long ago, they understand what's going on around them and yet don't always understand.

I think of Shira and Amichai Ish-Ran on their rehabilitation journey. Body restoration, soul-restoring, and praying that G-d will give them strength, that love will triumph over the pain, that the relationship will cover the loss, and that we will not forget the name of Amiad-Israel.

Let him not enter the list of victims that take us time to give a face. Let us remember a four-day-old baby whom the State of Israel was not able to protect.

May his memory be a blessing.

From the Pnima Hebrew site.