Marc Lamont Hill to keep Temple University job

Board of trustees condemns professor's remarks calling for destruction of Israel, says no disciplinary action to be taken.

Gary Willig,

Marc Lamont Hill at United Nations
Marc Lamont Hill at United Nations
United Nations

The Board of Trustees of Temple University announced that it would not discipline Professor Marc Lamont Hill after he called for a "free Palestine from the River to the Sea" in a speech at the United Nations last month.

However, the board expressed its "disappointment, displeasure, and disagreement" with Hill's use f the phrase, which is a slogan of the Hamas terrorist organization and has been used as a call for the destruction of the State of Israel for decades.

The board explained that it would not take action against Hill, who has tenure at Temple University, because he "was not speaking on behalf of or representing the University" during during speech to the UN.

"We recognize that Professor Hill’s comments are his own, that his speech as a private individual is entitled to the same Constitutional protection of any other citizen, and that he has through subsequent statements expressly rejected anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic violence."

Hill came under fire for using the phrase, as well as endorsing Arab violence against Israel, during his speech.

CNN, where Hill worked as a political commentator, fired him shortly after the controversy surrounding the speech erupted.