US castigates 'vile act of Palestinian terrorism'

US ambassador condemns shooting attack on Israeli civilians, slams Hamas support for attack. 'US stands against terror, even if UN won't.'

David Rosenberg ,

Scene of Ofra attack
Scene of Ofra attack
Ofer Meir/ Flash90

The American Ambassador to Israel David Friedman condemned the shooting attack by Palestinian Arab terrorists on Israeli civilians outside of the town of Ofra Sunday night, calling the drive-by shooting “vile”.

“Another vile act of Palestinian terrorism last night included the shooting of a pregnant woman,” Friedman tweeted Monday morning.

Friedman also condemned Hamas for celebrating the attack, and slammed the United Nations over its failure to back a US-led effort to condemn the Gaza-based terror group in the General Assembly.

“Hamas calls the shooters “heroic” — yes, the same Hamas that the UN could not resolve to condemn last week. The #US stands with Israel against terrorists even if others won’t.”

Six people, including a pregnant 30-year-old woman, were wounded Sunday night when terrorists opened fire from a car as it passed by a bus stop outside of Ofra, north of Jerusalem.

The wounded woman was critically wounded, while her husband was lightly wounded.

Hospital officials at Shaare Zedek Medical Center delivered the victim’s baby via an emergency caesarian section late Sunday night.

Hamas hailed the attack Sunday night, calling it a ‘blessed shooting’.

"We appreciate the blessed shooting that proves that the resistance is present in the occupied West Bank despite the ongoing attempts to destroy it," Hamas said.

Hamas later called the terror attack a “heroic shooting”, claiming that the targets were “Israeli occupation soldiers”, rather than Israeli civilians.

“The West Bank is taking the initiative today to resist the occupation, and to respond to its ongoing aggressions against our people, where the heroic shooting of a group of Israeli occupation soldiers near the settlement of ‘Ofra’ in Ramallah, is an affirmation of the legitimate right of our people to resist the occupation.”

White House special envoy Jason Greenblatt also mentioned the UN General Assembly’s failure to condemn Hamas, tweeting Monday morning that the UN had “defended” Hamas’ support for terror.

“UN this is what you defended last week when you failed to condemn Hamas. Hamas praises yet another terror attack. You had the ability to help fight against terror. Is this what the UN wants its legacy to be?”