Trump considering Pence aide as Chief of Staff

US President considering Pence aide Nick Ayers to replace John Kelly.

Ben Ariel,

Nick Ayers (L) and John Kelly (R)
Nick Ayers (L) and John Kelly (R)

US President Donald Trump is considering an aide to Vice President Mike Pence for the position of White House Chief of Staff, a White House official told Reuters on Saturday.

The aide, Nick Ayers, would replace John Kelly. Trump confirmed earlier on Saturday that Kelly will leave his post by the end of the year.

The official told Reuters that the president and Ayers are still working on terms, saying Trump wants him to do the job for two years but Ayers is unable to make that time commitment because of his family.

Ayers, who has served in the administration as the chief of staff to Pence for the last 17 months, has made his name off of his political consulting, including his work for Target Enterprises, a TV ad buying firm. He ran Tim Pawlenty’s failed presidential campaign in 2011, and has advised numerous gubernatorial campaigns around the country, according to NBC News.

Kelly, a former general, was hired to reign in Trump's freewheeling White House instead of Reince Priebus, and quickly made his mark, pushing out former aides Steve Bannon and Anthony Scaramucci.

Reports going back as far as October of 2017 spoke of a split between Kelly and Trump, and said that Kelly would soon depart the White House.