Netanyahu talks anniversary of US embassy decision

In Fox News interview, PM says "The truth will out, the good guys will win."

Arutz Sheva,

Netanyahu meets with Trymp
Netanyahu meets with Trymp

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that Israel and the United States shared a common Iranian enemy during an interview with Fox News on Saturday.

According to Netanyahu, "they want to not only conquer all Muslims who don’t share their faith and subjugate them or kill them, and then go against all the infidels. And guess who the ‘great Satan’ is? The United States. And who the ‘small Satan’ is? Israel. We just happen to be closer by."

"We’re preventing them from taking over the Middle East," continued Netanyahu. "They’re trying to mask their campaign to get nuclear weapons. That has to be stopped, and the sanctions are taking a bite out of Iran. But the second thing they want to do is use their proxies – principally Hezbollah – to be the forward arm to attack Israel with a goal of destroying it."

The prime minister also addressed the ongoing Israeli operation to destroy Hezbollah's tunnels into northern Israel.

"As part of that Hezbollah is building terror tunnels under Israel’s territory. We’ve known that for several years, and a few days ago we tore the mask off, uncovered the first stone, and we’re going to uncover the rest, and basically deprive Iran of this weapon of aggression," said Netanyahu.