Trump faith adviser visits Samaria

'We are thrilled to see this area blooming with more and more Jewish communities being built.'

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Garlow in Tzufim
Garlow in Tzufim
Roy Hedi

Evangelical pastor Jim Garlow, a member of US President Donald Trump’s “Faith Leaders Initiative”, visited this week with his wife Rosemary Schindler-Garlow - the niece of Oscar Schindler - in Samaria (Shomron), and even lit Hanukkah candles with the residents of the community ofTzufim.

Garlow met with Shomron Regional Council head Yossi Dagan, visited the Tura winery, Mitzpe Ilan and Elon Moreh.

Garlow arrived for a visit as part of the activity of the Foreign Relations Unit of the Shomron Regional Council, which works among other things to build coalitions for Samaria around the world.

“We were happy to visit Samaria today,” Garlow said. “It was a wonderful day, we rediscovered everything we already knew about Samaria, and we are thrilled to see this area blooming with more and more Jewish communities being built. Thank you for the honor you have given us to spend this wonderful day in Samaria "
Garlow addressed the issue of “Fake News” regarding Samaria around the world. "It's tragic that our journalists and academics and many more are spreading lies, myth," Garlow said. “When you come here, there is an opportunity to see reality as it really is. Truth is important. It is important that every leader comes here and sees reality with his eyes, and also what the Jewish people are going through in order for this reality to take place. We have tremendous respect for what the Jewish leaders in Samaria have succeeded in creating here. We say: Good for you! We are with you, and we hope that every leader can come here and see what you are doing. "

Yossi Dagan, head of the Shomron Regional Council who met Garlow, said after the meeting: "Shomron is working to create coalitions all over the world all the time. Trump has already been revealed as a friend of Israel, and we are happy that the people who advise him are also with us. We will continue to act to strengthen support for Samaria in the world among public opinion leaders, and the general public. "

The tour was part of the joint information project of the Shomron Regional Council's Foreign Relations Unit and the Strategic Affairs Office headed by Minister Gilad Erdan.