India PM: Happy Hanukkah to people of Israel

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sends holiday greeting to Israeli premier in Hebrew as Hanukkah festival begins.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Indian PM's Twitter greeting
Indian PM's Twitter greeting

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a personal greeting in Hebrew to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in honor of the Hanukkah holiday.

"My dear friend, Prime Minister Netanyahu - Happy Hanukkah for you and for all of Israel," the Prime Minister of India wrote to Netanyahu on Twitter."May this special event bring more clarity and joy, let them all be healthy and prosperous."

Netanyahu replied on Twitter: "My good friend, Prime Minister Modi, thank you for the warm greetings for the holiday. I am happy to light the first candle of Hanukkah knowing we were blessed with friends like you."

Relations between Israel and India have warmed significantly in the last two years. During their last meeting, Netanyahu told Modi that his visit was a gesture to the Jewish people.

"This was an expression not only of respect for me, but for all the residents of Israel," Netanyahu said, praising the prime minister of India. "You are a revolutionary leader, and you promoted the relationship between Israel and India. I am the son of a historian, and it is an amazing fact that no Indian leader visited Israel. You were the first leader."

"Your visit excited all Israelis. It was a historic event, and this is the dawn of a new era in the wonderful friendship between India and Israel, which began with the historic visit of Prime Minister Modi in Israel who created great enthusiasm - and continues my visit here, which I have to admit very exciting for my wife and myself, as it was for all residents of Israel. It will help to continue to nurture our societies, will lead to growth, peace and progress," he said.