The escalation in Gaza: Modern anti-Semitism

Rockets, German anti-Semitism, US midterm elections and more.

Walter Bingham,

Hamas terrorists parade rockets in Gaza
Hamas terrorists parade rockets in Gaza
Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

The South of Israel burns and Bibi looks on. If he cannot or will not defeat the enemy, he must make way for someone who can.

Government In Crisis - election probable.

World War One and the problems that followed - A Jewish plot!

Anti-Semitism old and new.

Jewish Life In The US is eroding fast and Jews there live in fools paradise.

Broward County in Florida resembles a Banana Republic. The movers need honest shakers.

White House press conferences resemble a pub brawl.

The Twists of Turkish-Iranian-Saudi-US relations over the Khashoggi murder and Yemen continue.

And Lots More.

Walter At Israel's Armistice Commemoration at Ramle
iam Alfandary