'The right could lose power'

Chairman of National Committee in Likud: Public can't tolerate ceasefire without severe response, early elections will hurt the right.

Benny Tocker ,

Protest at Sderot junction
Protest at Sderot junction
Noga Benodiz-Sihu/TPS

The chairman of the National Committee in Likud, Shevach Stern, warns that crying to go to elections in the wake of the Gaza conflict and the resignation of the defense minister could lead to the loss of power for the national camp.

"When an enemy launches hundreds of missiles within a few hours, if you restrain yourself and reach a ceasefire without reacting harshly, you weaken your deterrent capability. Today, a large part of the public is not prepared to accept the fact that in the south they attack us and we react with weakness," Stern explained to Arutz Sheva.

"The public cannot give a mandate to a government like this to continue. We must first restore deterrence and give a feeling to the public that the government knows what it is doing. I am convinced that the prime minister has serious considerations, and perhaps they are connected to the northern front, but there are ways to act significantly against Hamas and its leaders, in a way that there is a feeling that Hamas was defeated and deterred for the long term.”

Stern does not regret the resignation of Avigdor Liberman. "He is a defense minister who apparently could not give orders to the senior commanders in the army because he lacked the operational knowledge and experience. The State of Israel needs a defense minister who can tell the army what to do."