Culture minister in Sderot:
'We will do everything to restore deterrence'

Culture Minister Regev visits Sderot, meets with residents. 'Thank you for continuing to live here despite the security challenges.'

Rafael Levi,

Regev in Sderot
Regev in Sderot
Eli Sabbati

Minister of Culture and Sports Miri Regev toured the city of Sderot on Tuesday morning and encouraged the residents, who are coping with the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.

Minister Regev met with Mayor Alon Davidi at the municipal war room, heard from him about the complex struggles during the emergency period and was exposed to the volunteers' activities there.

Minister Regev also visited the sites where rockets fell yesterday, including a gasoline storage site that is still burning and being handled by firefighters.

"Alon, I strengthen you, your leadership and the steadfastness of the residents - you are worthy of praise," Minister Regev told Davidi. "I am aware that this reality is not simple and we must not accept it.”

"We will do everything to restore our deterrence vis-a-vis the enemy and the security of the residents of the south and the Gaza perimeter - that is our job. I thank you, dear residents, for your steadfastness and for the fact that you continue to live here despite the security challenges. "

Minister Regev praised the work of the firefighters and said, "I am proud of you and thank you for your life-saving work day-to-day, and especially in emergencies."