'We won't solve the problem without eliminating terror leaders'

Jewish Home MK: Israel more deterred from attacking Hamas than the other way around.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

The scene in Ashkelon
The scene in Ashkelon
Aviv Hertz/TPS

Member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home), called on the government to adopt a tougher policy against Hamas and the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

"There is Code Red after Code Red, and the IDF continues with the same method that does not solve the problem.

“We have to tell the truth: More than Hamas is deterred from us, the Israeli government and the IDF are deterred from Hamas - and they are violating their duty and responsibility to protect the residents of the south.

“Without eliminating the heads of terror, we will not solve the Gaza problem. It is our obligation to say it and the obligation of the government of Israel and the IDF to execute it.”

Around 400 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel since Monday, with around 100 of the projectiles shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome system.

The IDF said Tuesday morning that it had hit 150 terror positions in Gaza in response to the attacks.

“As of now, the IDF has struck approximately 150 military targets belonging to Hamas and the PIJ [Palestinian Islamic Jihad] terror organizations, including three governmental structures that were used for military purposes. At this time, the IDF's strikes are still ongoing,” the IDF spokesperson said.

A man around 40-years-old was killed last night and a woman of about 40 was critically injured after a rocket hit a residential building in Ashkelon.

The killed man was a resident of the PA living illegally in Israel.

In addition, a man of about 40 was moderately injured and 9 others were lightly injured.