This is how a terrorist reached Netiv Ha'asara

Report: IDF post located along the route used by the terrorist who infiltrated from Gaza on Friday was removed a few weeks ago.

Elad Benari,

IDF soldiers along the Gaza border
IDF soldiers along the Gaza border
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

In the past few weeks, an IDF observation post which was located along the route used by the terrorist who infiltrated Israel from Gaza on Friday was removed, and this could be the reason why the terrorist managed to easily enter Israeli territory and set fire to a greenhouse and an agricultural storage shed near Netiv Ha’asara.

According to a Hadashot TV report on Sunday, the observation post was intended to provide security for the residents of Netiv Ha'asara, and it can be assumed that its absence helped the terrorist cross the fence and move undisturbed inside Israel.

The terrorist was captured 50 minutes later, after he was able to set fire to a storage room and a greenhouse using flammable material that he had brought with him from the Gaza Strip.

Yifat, a resident of Nativ Ha'asara, blasted the government and said that only if a disaster happens, heaven forbid, will Jerusalem be able to formulate a long-term solution to Gaza.

"Such infiltration and arson, while the government is about to sign an agreement [with Hamas], leads me to the conclusion that we have become the trial and error laboratory of the government and the cabinet," she said.

"If this is an arrangement then it's shameful," said Maayan Fuld, a resident of Netiv Ha'asara. "Our Friday night was ruined again, a terrorist penetrated our territory, reached our greenhouses and ignited one of them, causing great damage and even greater heartache."

The IDF Spokesperson's Office said in response, "Changes in the deployment of the forces are based on an assessment of the situation at the time. We cannot elaborate on the deployment of forces."