The world through her eyes:
This is no way for a young woman to live

Two painful perspectives, two Jewish souls struggling to make it through tremendous hardship.



Close your eyes, and imagine.

Imagine the pain in a father’s eyes as he must tell his daughter: “I do not know if I will live to make it to your chuppah.” Imagine the inevitability of death closing in, of saying goodbye to your precious child just days before her chuppah, because of something as trivial and fleeting as money.

This is the world from the eyes of Avraham Tzuri, of Jerusalem. Wheelchair-bound, he is tended to daily by his single adult daughter Tehila. 7 months ago, Tehila’s mother passed away from cancer. Now cancer wracks Avraham’s body as well. Slowly, all money has been drained from their home. First, it was the little things. Finally, the food in the fridge became scarce. Each month a new astronomical bill for Avraham’s treatments arrives in the mail, and they must ask themselves that horrific question: “How much longer will we be able to afford this?”

Imagine a quiet home, with clean, empty halls. Imagine dreaming of children to fill those halls with the sounds of laughter and play. Imagine living at 26 years old with your elderly parents, tending to their medical needs. Putting them before yourself. Now imagine finding your chassan, becoming engaged, but being torn in two: How can you pay for a wedding dress, when you have no food to eat? How can you find an apartment to live in, when your own father, weakened by cancer, is slowly starving to death?

This is the world from the eyes of Tehila.

Two painful perspectives, two Jewish souls struggling to make it through tremendous hardship. A Chesed Fund page has been opened on the family’s behalf. Donations will go toward marrying off Tehila with dignity, procuring the necessary treatments for Avraham, and bringing some peace and happiness back into their home.

We each have our own perspective, our own pain. This is your chance to change someone’s story. Click here to make a difference. To help Tehila start her life, and to save her father’s.



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