Samaria Council elections: Overwhelming majority for Yossi Dagan

Samaria Council head Yossi Dagan reelected by overwhelming majority of 81 percent: 'Goal - one million Samaria residents.'

Uzi Baruch ,

Dagan votes
Dagan votes
Roi Hadi

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan won the elections to lead the council and will continue for a second term in office. Dagan won an overwhelming 81.19% against Paul Golovensky.

Golovensky received only 3,226 votes, while Dagan won 13,148 votes.

66.87% of those with voting rights in the Samaria Regional Council exercised their democratic right. In Samaria, 24,062 have the right to vote, and as stated, some 67% of them exercised their right.

Dagan, 38, father of four, thanked the many activists who came to celebrate the victory with him and said, "I want to thank G-d, who honored me and honored us all, to live in Samaria to build it and with God's help to build it more and pave it more. I promise to do everything not to disappoint you.

"Together we'll develop the Shomron. We're in a very special period and the next few years will be decisive years. Our mission is to reach a million Jews in Samaria, and we'll complete our mission to pave the new roads by bypassing Huwwara, bypassing Luban. Our mission is to increase service to Shomron residents, and I'll continue to serve as the mayor of all of them, those who chose me and those who didn't choose me.

"Samaria is blessed with such good people. And this diversity is what's building the No. 1 winning settlement effort in the State of Israel. We continue tomorrow morning with the determined struggle to settle Samaria. To build the heart of the Land of Israel, to rebuild the settlements Ganim, Kadim, Homesh, and Sanur. This is my most important task. To come back home. We'll continue together in unity and build Samaria," Dagan said.