Watch: Bennett at morning prayers in Pittsburgh Jewish school

Diaspora Affairs minister participates in morning prayers at Jewish school close to scene of the massacre on Saturday.

Uzi Baruch,

Minister Bennett
Minister Bennett
Alexei Rosenfeld

Naftali Bennett, who is currently in the United States following of the shooting incident in the Pittsburgh Jewish community, took part Monday in morning prayers at the “Hillel” Jewish School.

Bennett was honored with with an “aliyah” to make the blessing before the Torah reading, and also blessed the Jewish students and communities.

The minister spoke with the students and encouraged them in light of the disaster that struck the community. "Since I arrived yesterday, I have met hundreds of people. The strength, the spirit and the brotherhood of your community are extraordinary. The despicable murderer wanted to harm just that - the strength of your community and of the entire Jewish people.”

“You are the future generation of the Jewish people, you must look at the hatred towards us and know that only light will expel the darkness. Only love will defeat the abysmal hatred, and together we will overcome. I am here for you in the name of the state of Israel as a whole. The Israeli public followed the reports worriedly, children in Israel prepared signs of support for you in schools, the entire nation is behind you. One people - one heart," he said.

The minister's office said that the students shared with the minister their feelings after the disaster, related their shock over the situation and thanked him for his arrival in the community. In addition, they asked the minister about life in Israel and told him about their experiences during visits to Israel.