'Heart of the Parasha' with Rabbi Lundin at Bar-Ilan University

Every week at Bar-Ilan University hundreds convene for weekly Torah lessons by Rabbi Haggai Lundin in cooperation with Kollel Organization.

Rafael Levy,

Rabbi Lundin's shiur at Bar Ilan
Rabbi Lundin's shiur at Bar Ilan
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Every week, hundreds of people gather at the Bar-Ilan University Beit Midrash to hear the Heart of the Parsha lesson by Rabbi Haggai Lundin, who deals with the weekly Torah portion.

The lesson is a joint initiative of the Community Organization, the Higher Institute for Torah Studies, and the Campus Rabbi's Office at Bar-Ilan University.

The classes are taught at the University Beit Midrash on Mondays at 20:30 by Rabbi Haggai Lundin and also broadcast on Moreshet Radio.

"We hope a class in such a central place in Israel will be able to further expand the learning audience," said Rabbi Lundin.

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