Rachel Cries for Us, We Cry for Her

UNESCO continues to disregard history and written agreements. UNESCO will be consigned to the wastebasket of history.

Dr. Joseph Frager ,

Dr. Joseph Frager
Dr. Joseph Frager

Our enemies never stop plotting against us. Even though the United States and Israel withdrew from UNESCO over anti-Israel bias and was defunded by the United States in 2011 they have become a significant proxy for Arab aggression and misinformation against Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said UNESCO, “has become a theater of the absurd because instead of preserving history it distorts it.” Nikki Kaley right before the U.S withdrew from UNESCO in one of her many heroic and extraordinary acts and statements at the United Nations said, the last straw was UNESCO’s designation of the Old City of Hevron and the Cave of the Patriarchs a Palestinian World Heritage Site.

This did not stop UNESCO from their latest revision of history in declaring The Tomb of Rachel an Arab parcel of land. UNESCO’s resolutions 28 and 29 state that the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem are “an integral part of the Occupied Palestinian Territories”.

This is despite Islamic History that declared the Tomb of Rachel a Jewish Holy Site as far back as 1830. It is also despite the fact that even according to the Oslo Accords, Arafat agreed to keep Rachel’s Tomb in Jewish hands.

I had the good fortune of visiting the Tomb of Rachel with Anthony Scaramucci (his book “Trump, the Blue-Collar President” is being released October 22nd) this past summer. All should make sure to visit (it is a short drive from Jerusalem).

I also had the privilege in making sure the Tomb of Rachel remained in Jewish hands. Prior to Yitzchak Rabin’s inclusion of the Tomb of Rachel as one of 28 designated Holy Sites for Jews in the Oslo Accords of Oslo ll of 1995, I helped organize a series of Rallies in New York to guarantee the Tomb of Rachel remained in Jewish hands eternally.

These rallies proved to be immensely helpful as were the Israel Day Concerts in Central Park at that critical juncture in Jewish History.

UNESCO continues to disregard history and written agreements. Rachel, Our Mother, prays eternally for the Jewish People, it is our turn to pray for her. Ultimately, UNESCO will fall into history’s wastebasket.