Watch: Saluting Ari Fuld in the heart of Manhattan

Hundreds attend memorial for terror victim who helped stop his murderer in stabbing attack last month. 'We choose to live in Israel.'

Yoni Kempinski ,

Danny Dayan addresses memorial for Ari Fuld in Manhattan
Danny Dayan addresses memorial for Ari Fuld in Manhattan
Israeli consulate in New York

A memorial rally was held in memory of Ari Fuld on Wednesday, one month after he was murdered by an Arab terrorist at the Gush Etzion intersection.

The rally was initiated by the Jewish community of Riverdale and was attended by hundreds of people, including the school's students and one of the rabbis of the community, Rabbi Avi Weiss. It was held in front of the Israeli consulate.

"The Fuld family decided a few decades ago that they wanted cease to be spectators and to participate in the greatest adventure of the Jewish people in the last 2,000 years and to immigrate to Israel," said Danny Dayan, the Consul General in New York.

Calling Fuld a hero who "paid a hero;s price," Dayan said that "there are those who say we must pay these prices because the Jewish people has no other choices. I beg to differ. We have choices. The State of Israel did not exist 71 years ago. The Zionist movement did not exist 130 years ago. There were choices. But we are ready to pay prices because we want to live in the Land of Israel."

"In the wake of recent security developments, we, as the Israeli consulate in New York, have a commitment to act to perpetuate the victims in the heart of Manhattan. "