Jewish Home opposes granting status to Darfur infiltrators

Jewish Home party on report that 'thousands of illegal Darfur infiltrators are to be granted status in Israel. 'Not on our watch.'

Mordechai Sones,

Sudanese in Tel Aviv
Sudanese in Tel Aviv
Flash 90

The Jewish Home Party responded today to a report on the intention to grant status to thousands of illegal infiltrators from Darfur, saying they will object and would work to prevent implementation of the plan promoted by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

"This is an absurd decision led by officials who promote the spin as if they're refugees who have nowhere to go; it's a lie: They have somewhere to go back," they say.

Israel’s Interior Ministry agreed to grant legal status to 300 infiltrators who crossed into Israel illegally from Sinai prior to constructing the border fence on Israel’s frontier with Egypt.

Some 60,000 infiltrators immigrated to Israel illegally prior to the fence's construction in 2012-2013 that subsequently blocked illegal immigration from the Sinai.

"Darfur is a region within the huge Sudanese state. Even if a small part of Darfur is in danger, they can be returned to the rest of Sudan, for example to the capital Khartoum, where the situation is calm and secure," the party said.

"There's no justification for absorbing those infiltrators in Israel."

"Granting status will create a huge incentive for millions more to infiltrate into Israel under the slogan 'Infiltrate and profit'," Jewish Home says, adding, "We intend to bring this to the government for discussion to block this plan."

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