Evidence of ancient Jewish Jerusalem vs. ‘Palestinian’ lies

The chillingly familiar story of the descent of humanity.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven ,

Evidence of Ancient Jewish Jerusalem
Evidence of Ancient Jewish Jerusalem
Yoli Shwartz

This week, we welcome the new month of Mar Cheshvan, beginning of the highly anticipated season of rains of blessing in the Land of Israel.

Speaking of water, this week's Torah portion is parashat Noach, the story of the Great Flood in the time of the righteous Noah...and this upcoming month of Mar Cheshvan is the time during which the Biblical flood began.

In this week's edition of Temple Talk our hosts mull over the subject of water and what it represents, and discuss Torah insights into the Generation of the Flood and what made them so wicked....drawing chilling parallels to contemporary society.