Bennett at second hakafot: Bringing closeness and unity

Education Minister participates with hundreds of residents in hakafot event. 'Exciting to see love of Torah uniting people's hearts.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Minister Bennett at second hakafot
Minister Bennett at second hakafot
Minister's Spokesman

Education Minister and Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett arrived this evening for Simchat Torah celebrations in Kfar Sava, together with Deputy Mayor Eitan Tzanani.

Hundreds of residents attended the festivities, who came for second hakafot from city synagogues, alongside rabbis and public figures.

Bennett told the celebrants, "It's exciting to see the love of the Torah coming from the synagogues to the streets of the city and unifying the hearts of the people. Thousands of people all over the country dance and sing, love the Torah of Israel and the people of Israel.

"Simchat Torah is a time of bringing closeness and unity to the people of Israel. Especially in times of conflict and tension, we must remember the power of uniting the ranks, our strength in our unity, as one man with one heart."