Chol Hamoed: 10,000 tour Samaria

Most popular sites this Chol Hamoed are Kana River and Country's Balcony in Peduel. 3,000 participate in Rechavam Ze'evi memorial.

Mordechai Sones,

First Bruchin Race
First Bruchin Race
Shomron Spokesman

More than 10,000 visited the sites of Shomron on this first intermediate day of Sukkot (Chol HaMoed). The most popular sites were the scenic Kana Park that leads to Nahal Kana where about 2,000 people arrived, and the Country's Balcony in Peduel, where a festival bearing the name of the site takes place.

The event, held annually by the Shomron Regional Council and the Prime Minister's Office in memory of the late Minister Rechavam Ze'evi, was also attended by more than 3,000 people who enjoyed the performance of Itai Levi and a host of attractions for the entire family. The first Bruchin Race in memory of Ariel Darsinover, who was killed about a month ago at the Bruchin junction in a car accident three weeks before his wedding, was followed by a performance by Ariel Zilber, while hundreds of people participated in the unique tours of the Shomron Tour and Study Center.

"We're happy to host thousands of visitors here," says Shomron Regional Council head Yossi Dagan. "The tourist sites in Samaria are full of travelers from Israel and around the world, who enjoy the most beautiful and special tourist sites in Israel."

Nachal Kana in Shomron
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Thousands of other visitors are expected today. Among other things, the ancient Shomron National Park, which will open today and tomorrow for hikers and will feature a street show and guided tours, the Mount Gerizim National Park will be open today and tomorrow to the general public with a variety of activities.

The Mount Kabir Nature Reserve will host events for the whole family: Tours, Biblical reenactment rooms, jeep tours, wine tasting at the Kabir winery, etc. There will also be a free "happening" for the whole family in Har Bracha.