Tzfat: Screw removed from baby's throat

8-month-old baby rushed to hospital with shortness of breath, coughing blood. Medical staff identify a metal screw deep in her throat.

Ohad Tobi ,

Screw removed from baby's throat
Screw removed from baby's throat
Ziv Medical Center

An 8-month-old baby from Tzfat was brought to the emergency room at the Ziv Medical Center in the northern Israeli city. She was suffering from severe shortness of breath and was spitting blood.

The medical team conducted tests and identified a foreign object in the baby's throat. Following the diagnosis, the baby was immediately transferred to the operating room.

Under full anesthesia and after securing airways, the doctors skillfully withdrew from the depth of the pharynx a 3 cm (1.2 inch) screw that was stuck in the walls of the throat, blocking the upper airways and causing bleeding.

The baby is now in the pediatric ward for further treatment, in good and stable condition, with her parents next to her.