Israeli arrested in Egypt

25-year-old Israeli arrested at the Taba crossing after a bullet was found in his bag.

Orli Harari,

Taba crossing
Taba crossing
Flash 90

A 25-year-old Israeli who left on Saturday morning for a trip to the Sinai Peninsula was arrested after a bullet was found in his bag at the Taba crossing on the Egyptian side.

The man had taken a kitbag belonging to his brother, who is a soldier, and did not notice the bullet. He is expected to stand trial in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said it was aware of the incident and that it is handling it.

In March, an Israeli citizen was detained in Egypt on charges of possessing a weapons magazine in his car with which he crossed the border from Israel into Egypt. He was released more than 30 hours later.

The Israeli had inadvertently left the magazine in one of his bags before he crossed the border.