Bereaved sister asks: Where's the justice?

Shaked Malka, sister of Hadas Malka, angry and pained over decision to ease punishment of accessories to the murder.

Shaked Malka ,

Hadas Malka
Hadas Malka
Border Police

Imagine a situation: a committee of several people sitting in a circle and raising the issue of shortening the sentence of those who assisted in the murder of my sister Border Police fighter Hadas Malka.

Two days ago I went to browse the social networks, when suddenly I see angry posts from people about the fact that they shortened the punishment of those who helped my sister's murder and that one of them's been released for three months. Messages and phone calls from people telling me how angry they are - and I'm aware of nothing.

I want to understand how the hell those people sitting on the committee - whose job it is to preserve justice - have reached the point where they're discussing shortening the sentence for those who helped in my sister's murder? Why let this discussion reach the committee in the first place? How did the hearing end with Judge Zohar Dolev signing that the punishment would be shortened?

Where's the justice they're supposed to safeguard as those sitting there in this role? Forget about their role as those sitting there; where's human logic and moral values ​​as human beings?

If it was a family member of one of those sitting there on the committee, I'm sure the discussion wouldn't end like this, but if it's a fighter in the State of Israel that gave her life then yes?

It's no different than someone aware of this disgraceful decision and who took part in it, going now to our fighters who protect us day and night and fight for the sake of us living here in the State of Israel and telling them, "You hear? The terrorist who's going to kill you or the one who'll help the terrorist kill you? So, his punishment is going to be shortened, because that's what we decided." The fact that she's no longer here doesn't make it any different in any way.

It's not enough that the punishment given to them and in general to terrorists in Israel in no way expresses the seriousness of the offense, and they're yet looking for a way to make it easier on them??!!

I see no logical or just reason to shorten their sentences and as if this wasn't enough, to not inform us at all about the matter, and to do everything behind our backs and not give us the right to express our opinion on the matter!!!

I write as a sister and in my family's name, but also as a citizen of the State of Israel who demands answers to this unfathomable and humiliating decision because it's impossible that the State of Israel even raise the option of shortening the sentences of terrorists!