Hezbollah commander: 'Preparing surprises for enemy'

Lebanon Hezbollah military camp commander 'promises' surprises to Israel, hints at infiltrating fighters into Judea and Samaria.

Mordechai Sones,

Hezbollah terrorist stands at watch tower at Juroud Arsal, Syria-Lebanon border
Hezbollah terrorist stands at watch tower at Juroud Arsal, Syria-Lebanon border

A Lebanon Hezbollah military camp commander expressed confidence with regard to Israel during press coverage of the camp he commands.

A pro-Hezbollah Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar correspondent visited the camp and heard the commander's words, which were translated by MEMRI Institute investigators. He stated his organization was prepared for a new war with Israel and that they had "many surprises for the enemy".

In the interview, the commander told the reporter about a month ago, at a meeting of Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah with the organization's military commanders, it was said that Hezbollah was well aware of IDF force deployment and war preparations, stating the possibility that in the next war, the organization's operatives will succeed in infiltrating into Israel and Judea and Samaria.

Hezbollah and Syrian flags flutter on a military vehicle in Western Qalamoun

He said Hezbollah had accumulated extensive knowledge and experience fighting in Syria, which was "one big military training camp" for the organization. He said the organization had fought in various geographic conditions including fighting in built-up areas, and had gained experience with all kinds of weapons.

"Fighting the takhfir (heretical) organizations in Syria was one big military training camp for us. It was true that the resistance paid a very high price in martyrs and the wounded, but we took part in thwarting the plan to strike Syria and we gained military experience fighting in all kinds of geographic territory and with all types of weapons. Soon the Israelis will discover for themselves the extent of our knowledge, if they think of attacking Lebanon," said the senior Hezbollah figure.