'Not cancelling UN, but criticizing it'

Israel's UN ambassador prepares for General Assembly on Sukkot, talks on Trump's peace plan; 'We won't like everything presented.'

Mordechai Sones,

Amb. Danon in Security Council
Amb. Danon in Security Council
UN photo

Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, referred today to the US peace plan: "President Trump has a willingness to promote a process in the region. We won't like all the things that'll be presented to us. But our approach is that we can come and negotiate."

However, he notes that "the Palestinians not only refuse peace proposals, but they also disparage them," Danon said in a Kann Bet interview.

He was also asked about Israel's situation ahead of the UN General Assembly: "Despite the great criticism we have for the UN, this body has importance, and the United States knows it too. The American President isn't cancelling the UN but criticizing it.

"Trump intends to come and address not only the General Assembly, but also the Security Council. It'll be very interesting to see him directing a council meeting on the Iranian threats in the Council, during Sukkot," added Danon.

Is Israel preparing for an anti-Israeli resolution in the General Assembly? "We're preparing for a Palestinian initiative beyond the Council. I assume they'll be looking for a subject to attack Israel, which could be the result of the imminent evacuation of Khan al-Ahmar or the collapse of UNRWA. This will be a declarative decision that will have no real meaning."

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