Terrorist who stabbed police officers receives 35-year sentence

Ayman Kurd, who stabbed police officers two years ago, receives prison sentence for two counts of attempted murder.

Orly Harari,

Terrorist draws knife at Damascus Gate
Terrorist draws knife at Damascus Gate
Israel Police

Jerusalem's District Court on Wednesday morning handed a terrorist who attempted to murder police officers 35 years in jail.

Two years ago, terrorist Ayman Kurd, 22, attempted to murder two police officers in Jerusalem's Old City. A policewoman was seriously injured, and a policeman was moderately injured.

Kurd, a resident of the Arab town of Kafr 'Aqab, was charged with two counts of attempted murder with a knife. According to the indictment, Kurd decided to carry out a "revenge attack" after his cousin died during a shooting incident in Hevron.

On September 19, 2016, Kurd took a knife, left his house, and traveled via taxi to Jerusalem in order to carry out a terror attack. He arrived near Damascus Gate, and began watching two police officers from the bench he sat on.

At some point he got up, ran after the the officers, and began stabbing them multiple times. One of the officers, recovering slightly after the stabber ceased attacking him and began attacking a second officer, drew his weapon and fired several shots at the terrorist in order to neutralize him.

The policewoman was seriously injured in the attack, as well as from the fact that the knife's blade remained in her spinal column. The policeman who was stabbed sustained moderate injuries.