Poll: Likud at 36 seats, Jewish Home at 11

PM's party gets double the amount of seats that Yesh Atid would receive. Zionist Union under Gabbay plummets to 11 seats.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Hillel Meir/TPS

A new poll conducted for the "People" program on Channel 12 showed that if Knesset elections were held today, the Likud party headed by Binyamin Netanyahu would lead with 36 seats.

Yesh Atid headed by Yair Lapid would be in second place with 18 seats. Following were the Zionist Union headed by Avi Gabbay, the Jewish Home headed by Naftali Bennett, and the Joint List headed by Ayman Odeh, at 11 seats each.

United Torah Judaism won 7 Knesset seats, Kulanu and Yisrael Beiteinu won 6 seats each. At the bottom of the list were Meretz and Orly Levy-Abekasis' new party with 5 seats each, and Shas headed by Aryeh Deri with only 4 seats.

On the question of who would be best suited to replace Binyamin Netanyahu as chairman of the Likud party, Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked passed Culture Minister Miri Regev, with 12% of the votes against Regev’s 10%. Finance minister and chairman of the Kulanu party Moshe Kahlon party only garnered 6% on the question of the replacement of the prime minister.

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