Arab attacks female Army Radio reporter

Reporter pushed, threatened by Arab upon arriving to cover Jaffa fire; station asked details of incident not be leaked.

Mordechai Sones ,

Fire scene in Jaffa
Fire scene in Jaffa
MDA Spokesman

An Army Radio reporter was attacked by an Arab while she was covering the fire in Jaffa earlier this week.

The reporter was pushed and threatened by one of the family members who lived there.

According to the report on the Walla Berenger website, the incident sparked widespread discussion among soldiers and employees at the military radio station. The news department head allegedly warned in a work Whatsapp group against leaks on the subject.

Army Radio responded: "During coverage of the fire, the soldier was injured when she was next to the son of the deceased in the disaster. The son, who was enraged and angered at police conduct, raised his hand and hit the soldier's back.

"The soldier reported to her superiors and the incident was handled by the relevant channels," the response said.