2.3 million students start school year

1,048,000 students starting elementary school, of which 167,000 beginning first grade - including son of the education minister.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Minister Bennett with his son David
Minister Bennett with his son David
Oded Karni, GPO

Some 2.3 million students started this morning, Sunday, the school year at some 5,000 educational institutions throughout the country.

According to data from the Ministry of Education, some 188,000 children began studying in compulsory kindergartens this year, alongside some 388,000 at “pre-compulsory” and “pre-pre-compulsory” kindergartens.

1,048,000 students arrived at elementary schools, of which 167,000 entered the schools for the first time and began first grade.

Junior high school enrollment rose to about 299,000 students and high schools to about 477,000 students, of whom 131,000 are twelfth grade pupils in their last year of the educational system.

According to Ministry of Education figures, approximately 1,760,000 million children, boys and girls, will study in the Jewish sector this year, compared with approximately 388,000 in the Arab sector, approximately 120,000 in the Bedouin sector, 41,000 in the Druze sector and about 1,000 Circassian students.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett said today, "Today more than two million pupils started school, 167,000 children are starting first grade, together with my David. The teachers are very much in love with them, waiting for them. If there are problems or difficulties, one needs to turn to a teacher, and continue to be curious. I wish everyone a successful school year. "

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