Kashrut supervisor caught smuggling 28 liters of date rape drug

Police foil massive shipment of date rape drug concealed in water jugs. Police: 'This was a huge quantity of high dangerous material.'

Tzvi Lev ,

Haredi man arrested (Illustration)
Haredi man arrested (Illustration)
Hadas Parush/Flash90

A haredi kashrut supervisor was caught smuggling 28 liters of the date rape drug GHB at Ben Gurion Airport.

The 44-year-old resident from Jerusalem's Makor Haim neighborhood had aroused the suspicions of customs agents Tuesday when he attempted to bring the gallon jugs into Israel. When queried of its contents, he started to sweat and was brought to a side room, where he admitted to its illicit contents.

The man led police to his contact who was arrested as well. Police say that the Kashrut supervisor was selected by drug smugglers due to the frequent trips he took to France in order to inspect a factory and requested that their detention be extended by nine days.

During his interrogation, the suspect said that he had agreed to transfer the drugs to Israel in exchange for NIS 20,000.

"In arresting the suspects and seizing the massive amounts of such dangerous substances, we prevented injury to thousands of potential rape victims," police said. "It is enough to drip a few drops of the dangerous substance into a drink in order to blur the victim's senses and commit cruel acts of rape."

Customs officials say that the phenomenon of haredim being used as drug mules is becoming increasingly common due to their lack of a criminal record. There has been a massive increase in drug smuggling into Israel over the past few years, with officials nabbing imports of cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and LSD

A report by Kan in May showcased how haredim are routinely used to unwittingly smuggle narcotics into Israel. The episode had featured a young haredi woman who explained how a drug dealer had used her to smuggle cocaine without her knowledge.

"Come with me overseas, shopping, hotels, flights, everything is paid for," recounted the woman. "I knew him a little bit so I thought everything was okay and that all he wanted to do was take me for a romantic getaway."

Once the pair arrived in Amsterdam, her acquaintance gave her new suitcases, claiming that her luggage was too heavy. When they returned back in Israel, he took back her suitcase and told her that he would return it to her later. However, the woman says she realized that she had been used after her friend was arrested a month later for smuggling narcotics.

"Police told me I am suspected of drug smuggling and being an accessory to a crime," she said. "Only then did I realize that I was a victim."